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  • Q: Is the COVID-19 vaccine safe? Is one safer than another?
    A: All FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines have been proven safe and effective. No steps were skipped in the development of any of the vaccines. Recent developments in vaccine technology, in addition to decades of research, scientific work, and development, made the quick development of COVID-19 vaccines possible. No shortcuts were taken in the development of the COVID-19 vaccines. Learn more.
  • Q: Can the vaccine give me COVID-19?
    A: No. The vaccines do not contain any living virus that can give you COVID-19.
  • Q: Do any of the COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in the United States shed or release any of their components?
    A: No. Vaccine shedding is the term used to describe the release or discharge of any of the vaccine components in or outside of the body. Vaccine shedding can only occur when a vaccine contains a weakened version of the virus. None of the vaccines authorized for use in the United States contain a live virus. The mRNA and viral vector vaccines are the two types of currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines available.
  • Q: Does the COVID-19 vaccine affect my fertility or chances of getting pregnant?
    A: No. If you are pregnant, or trying to become pregnant, it is safe for you to get the COVID-19 vaccine. There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 vaccination causes any problems with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta. In addition, there is no evidence that fertility problems are a side effect of any vaccine, including COVID-19 vaccines. Check with your doctor for more information.
  • Q: Does the COVID-19 vaccine make you magnetic? Does it include a micro-chip?
    A: No. Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will not make you magnetic, including at the site of vaccination which is usually your arm. COVID-19 vaccines do not contain ingredients that can produce an electromagnetic field at the site of your injection. All COVID-19 vaccines are free from metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt, lithium, and rare earth alloys, as well as any manufactured products such as microelectronics, electrodes, carbon nanotubes, and nanowire semiconductors. In addition, the typical dose for a COVID-19 vaccine is less than a milliliter, which is not enough to allow magnets to be attracted to your vaccination site even if the vaccine was filled with a magnetic metal. Learn more about the ingredients:
  • Q: Where can I find more information about COVID-19 vaccines?
    The CDC has several useful pages with easy to understand information about the vaccines. Check out FAQs, myths vs facts, and more here:
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