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Golf Invitational

Join us at Duke Golf Club and

help support Community Health Coalition!

Monday, May 23, 9am

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Protect Yourself AND Your Family.
Get Vaccinated!

Visit our COVID-19 resource page as your one-stop "shot" for information on symptoms, testing, vaccines, and more! 

Do it for...

Yoga Session


Physical & Mental Health

Protect yourself from getting sick and possible long-term effects.

Grandpa and Grandchild Having Fun



Protect those around you, especially more vulnerable populations.

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Work Life

Let's get back to work, back to the office, back to financial stability.

Image by Alex Haney


Social Life

Spend time with friends at restaurants, sporting events, and concerts. 

About Community Health Coalition

Our goal is to achieve health equity for everyone and eliminate racial health disparities in Durham County and surrounding areas. Through education and engagement, we address critical issues facing our underserved and most vulnerable populations. We have many programs and projects to help people become proactive in improving their lives.

COVID-19 Initiatives


Health Tips


Annual Community May Meeting


Tobacco & Vaping Prevention


Organ/Tissue Donation Program

Health Education/Health Fairs

Community Empowerment /

Telehealth Program

Blood Pressure Education / Hypertension & Diabetes Self-Management Workshops

Integrated Care Program


Make a Donation

Help us achieve our community goal of Healthy People by 2030.


Learn more about Healthy People 2030, a national objective to improve health and well-being over the next decade.

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