We are pleased to provide the following services to our community, in conjunction with our partners.

NC Community Health Coalition

Annual Community May Meeting

Annual meeting for the community designed: 1) to build awareness of health care programs and services 2) to provide health education with emphasis on chronic disease prevention 3) to encourage healthier lifestyle choices.

Annual Walks

Participate in at least 5 per year to encourage exercise & physical fitness.

Blood Pressure Education/Hypertension Program

We conduct a twelve week program for participants with high blood pressure, which is designed to empower by educating and teaching participants how to monitor and manage their pressure daily, understand and know their numbers and incorporate healthy life changes through exercise, diet and stress management.

Childhood Obesity, Nutrition & Exercise Initiative

With grant support, we work with organizations that work with youth on childhood obesity projects. The objective is to teach children healthy habits on nutrition, diet, and exercise to prevent obesity and encourage lifestyle behavior changes.

Community Meetings

In partnership with the Durham Academy of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy (DAMDP), our Saturday Community Empowerment Clinics provide health clinic services, educational materials, consultation and healthy snacks to seniors and their families. These clinics take place every 3rd and 4th Saturday at Morreene Road, Morning Glory Senior Village Housing Communities, Hosiery Mills, and Durham Senior Center.

Health Fairs

Nurses and educators are available at fairs to administer blood pressure and glucose checks, distribute preventive health education materials , provide consultation and maintenance measures for Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Obesity and Cancers.

Health Tips

A monthly health tip written in collaboration with prominent physicians and distributed to churches and other key health organizations.

Organ/Tissue Donation Project

Our organ donation campaign is designed to increase awareness and the need for donations and sign up individuals to the NC Organ Donor Registry. Click here to view the Precious Gift of Life video and pre-view survey. And if you’re interested in saving a life by donating an organ, complete this form and return it by mail, fax, or email to Community Health Coalition, Inc., PO Box 15176, Durham, NC 27704.

Youth Substance Abuse Initiative

An 8-week program designed for the prevention of use and abuse of alcohol, E-Cigarettes (VAPES) and other potentially harmful substances. The program will empower young people (12 to 18 yrs. of age) to become aware and help them (with the use of digital cameras) identify the problems/barriers of substance abuse in their communities, households and in their lives that may prevent or interfere with healthy living.