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COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccinations are available at clinics, doctor's offices, and pharmacies including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Kroger, and Costco.

Make an appointment today to get your vaccination!

The Community Health Coalition (CHC) is helping North Carolinians do their part to end the COVID-19 pandemic and get vaccinated! 

We are encouraging more North Carolina residents to get vaccinated and build a healthier community. 

What you should know:

  • The vaccine is free everywhere in North Carolina. Everyone 18 and over can receive any of the three approved vaccines.

  • Those aged 12-17 may only receive the Pfizer vaccine. Use My Spot to find locations that carry the Pfizer vaccine.

  • No government-issued ID or insurance is needed.

  • Everyone can be vaccinated, regardless of their immigration status. 

  • Need a ride? Call 1-844-771-RIDE or click here for FREE roundtrip transportation to COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Important COVID-19 Information


Have questions or looking for more information about COVID-19, available vaccines, and state and local regulations? Want to learn why others decided to get immunized? CLICK HERE for answers.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

  • CLICK HERE to search by zip code for pharmacies and providers that offer vaccinations.

  • Call 1-844-771-RIDE or CLICK HERE for FREE roundtrip transportation to COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

COVID-19 Response

Resources, information and assistance from across state government

COVID-19 Self-Test: How to Perform a Nasal Swab 

Click to download PDF

Check My Symptoms

A public website that allows people to enter their symptoms and determine if they should get tested for COVID-19. If they are recommended to be tested, they will receive a link to a list of nearby testing sites via email or text.

Note: The symptom checker is an informational tool to help people determine if they may need to be tested; however it is not a physician order. Testing sites may require their own screening.

Find My Testing Place

A public website that allows people to input their county or ZIP code and access a list of nearby testing site locations online.

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