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Volunteers are viewed as valuable resources to CHC. As a volunteer, you are greatly appreciated and are recognized for work well done. CHC will provide clear, complete descriptions of the duties and responsibilities of the tasks which you are expected to fill. Teens are included, especially those interested in health related careers.

Will you volunteer?  Please call at 919.470.8680 or email to healthcoali@gmail.com to discuss further if you are interested.

Types of Volunteering

Skills-based Volunteering
Skills-based volunteering is leveraging your specialized skills and talents to strengthen the infrastructure by helping to build and sustain CHC’s capacity to successfully achieve its mission.

Virtual Volunteering
As called e-Volunteering or online volunteering is a term describing as a volunteer who can complete tasks, in whole or in part, offsite from the organization.  These may be accomplished by using personal electronic devices.

Onsite Volunteering
It is an unpaid task that is conducted via an internet-connected device and in small increments of time.  It is distinct from virtual volunteering in that it typically does not require an application process or training period, however, guidance will be provided.

We can use your skills or work/life experience in any of the areas below:

  • Organize our resource center, filing, sorting, labeling
  • Statistician to aide in designing questionnaires and summarizing data
  • Graphic design experience
  • Grant writing
  • Fundraiser to assist with designing activities
  • Individuals to assist with coordinating and or participating in walkathons/runs

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Community Health Coalition, Inc.
407 Crutchfield Street | P.O. Box 15176 | Durham, N.C. 27704
Phone: 919.470.8680 | healthcoali@gmail.com



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